What is the London Food Month Programme?

In February 2017, London Evening Standard invited the capital’s food industry to register their events and become a part of the inaugural London Food Month 2017. They were asked to come up with events that would celebrate not only their venue and everything they do so well, but the incredibly diverse food scene that Londoners enjoy. Thanks to the huge support and interest in this month-long food festival, a collection of over 400 events and campaigns will be taking place throughout June in venues across the capital. All these events and campaigns have been collated to form the London Food Month Programme.

Where can I find the programme?

The full programme of events can be found on londonfoodmonth.co.uk. Printed copies will be distributed with London Evening Standard throughout May.

When are the events taking place?

All London Food Month events are taking place in June 2017. Full details including timings for each event can be found on londonfoodmonth.co.uk

Where are the events taking place?

Venues across the whole of the city have applied to join the London Food Month programme. Full details on the locations can be found on londonfoodmonth.co.uk

Why are some venues taking part and not others?

In year one, we could only welcome a certain number of events into the programme. We are looking to make the programme even bigger and have even more venues taking part next year.

What are the categories?

There are 8 categories which have been created to guarantee that something will be happening from breakfast to late night drinks; every day of the week. For more information on the categories listed for London Food Month please visit www.londonfoodmonth.co.uk

How do I make a booking?

Venues are managing their own bookings for each event or activity. For details on how to book directly with the venue, please check the events listings for London Food Month at www.londonfoodmonth.co.uk